Form submit problem. Form doesn't submit



yesterday I tried to add a chat on my landing pages, with a code from on previews it seemed to work fine, giving no problems to the landing page.

Then we noted a stop on our AdWords conversions, then test clicking on an add, which redirected to our unbounce page, filled the form, and it seem to work but then it stopped, not submitting the form and changing the URL to:…=#

With no other info or error message, What could be the problem?

Thanks for your help,



By the way, the code I used for olark was this one:

[Questions? Feedback?]( "Contact us") powered by [Olark live chat software]( "Olark live chat software")


I followed the steps in here…


Hey there, this looks like a problem you’ll have better luck solving if you get in touch with our support team. Fire an email to and they’ll be happy to help troubleshoot this with you!


Done :slight_smile: I will wait for the answer.


Got the reply from the support team