Form Submission to Custom URL



I need my form submission to redirect to a custom thank you page URL. When I pull up a page, I understand this is under the properties section, however, my properties tab is greyed out. Does anyone know why it would be greyed out?

Additionally, am I able to send to a URL and pass custom variables through the URL? I’m trying to create a two step webform that leads to a second landing page to capture additional information. I need their email address to be in the URL to be able to identify who the person is in the landing page system of the second form. Is this possible?


Hi Ryan,

For your first issue, you should be able to set any URL you want as the thank you page. Are you clicking on the form, then selecting “go to URL” in the properties pane on the right and entering a URL there?

And for the second question, it sounds like you want to set up a multi-step form. That way you can use hidden fields to pass the data you collected on the first step and have it get added on the backend during the second step. Here’s the details on how to do that: