Form Submission Not Tracking in Google Analytics


I have a range of landing pages set-up, and have been tracking the submission of the form as a Goal in Analytics using the technique explained here -…

All of a sudden this has broken - none of the goals are working for any of my landing pages anymore. if i visit the pages I can see myself on them in Google Analytics Real Time, however when i submit a test form submission it is not tracked as a Goal, despite the form submission coming through in Unbounce successfully.

This has just broken out of no-where, with nothing changed. Any help would be appreciated.


I was never able to make it work with GA so I just created an extra unbounce page as a thank you page and after the form was submitted just redirect to that new page. It was the most reliable thing I could do to track conversions.  Maybe this could be a solution too. 


Thanks Kenji - the frustrating thing here is it was working perfectly then just broke out of nowhere.

I’ve worked around it for now by tracking each form submission as an Event, using the code on this page -

I have gone in and changed the Category in that code to be a different value for each form, so I can then split it out in GA easily by setting a Goal for each form that looks for an event with the category

That’s working, but it’s a less ideal solution than having views of a confirmation page track for the goal.

Hope that helps if anyone else runs into this issue. Would be keen to hear from Unbounce about why that tracking is no longer working.


Hey Michael + Kenji!
I don’t have a solid answer for you just yet, but I’m going to pass this on to one of our analytics guru’s to see if they can chime in. You should receive an update within the next day or so. 


Hey all!

Did you make sure your ‘Destination’ dropdown was set to ‘Regular expression’

If not that might explain why it didn’t work.

If this doesn’t fix it shoot us a email ( We’d be happy to help provide some suggestions. Keep in mind we may request access to your GA account as a ‘read-only’ user to help debug the issue.


If you could help me too, that would be great.  I can’t figure out how to get a Form Submission to show up in GA either!