Form submission goes to webhook and a new url


I am building a landing page wit two options (yes, I know it should only be one) and once they choose the option it will go to the form. This way I can track who has asked for what. I need then when they push submit for the webhook to OnePageCRM to work, and at the same time send them to the relevant url for their request.
Any bright ideas? If anyone has a better way of doing this, I would love to hear it, as I am a newbie at all of this.


Hi Peter, 

Can you share a bit more information like an example page? Do you have a form on the landing page with the two options or is it just two CTA buttons?

If you do have a form you can take a look at a similar thread here, where the option to redirect based on a choice in the form has been discussed. 



Sure - the first landing page
And the form is:

so the button is linked to the form.


I get a 404 Page error when trying to open either of these. 


I think that I was over thinking the whole issue. I finished the page with the webhook to OnePageCrm, and the submit button directed to the page with the download.
When I pressed the submit button, I was redirected to where I wanted to be, and the webhook obviously worked as well, as the info was entered as a new contact in the CRM program. Awesome! 
Thanks for your interest and sorry for my level of newbiness.


Happy you were able to figure it out. 


I have the same issue - trying to get the user redirected to a different url after a form submission.

How did you get it to work?