Form 'Sold Out' sticker


Hello all.

I have an idea that I want the development team to push forward, it will help myself by I imagine lots of others too!

So, my company runs free events advertised via digital advertising. We have a number of sessions per landing page and we one day is over subscribed I have to go in and amend all of the pages plus the digital advertisers have to amend their adverts to delete days and this is all very time consuming. Having the ability to add a “Sold Out” on a drop down menu via a timer after a certain amount of registrations or event a manual switch on would not just stop wasting our time but also make more urgency with the other events that are left. 

Unbounce support have already suggested Eventbrite which is ok I guess but Unbounce links to my system, I would have to get more development work to link Eventbrite plus its just messy having another system imbedded and probably going to cost. Does anyone have a solution or can we push this through the dev team?

Thanks, J