Form not working


I have added an email form to my landing page… but how do I get it to actually work. Do I have to write a PHP script or is there a in-built submit option i’m missing? sorry for the noobness?


Hey Luke, no apologies necessary! If you’ve added a form to your page, it will work automatically! Just be sure to publish your page when you try it out if you want statistics and leads to be collected. Let us know if you are having trouble receiving leads when the form is submitted.


Thanks for the fast reply. Thats good to know

I suppose my next question is whats the best way to compile the list of users email addresses. Does unbouce do this? I see I can email the form data to a URL but i’m not really sure how to email form data to a database. Is there a service I can hook up that will do it for me?



Actually I just found it under the “leads” section on dashboard

Thanks anyways… :slight_smile:


No problem Luke, glad you figured it out. If you want to ever programatically send lead information to your own database, you can also use our WebHooks which you can read about here:…