Form not submitting

Hey I’m new to Unbounce. I just create a page and I’m trying to submit a form that redirects to another page.
This is the error message I’m getting from my google chrome browser.
form wont submit

Hi @Mr.username
Will need more details. Is it an unbounce form or is it a third-party form embed on an unbounce page?
You mentioned u are getting error in chrome. Is the form submitting on other browsers?

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Hi @Mr.username,

Agree with @Malik - might need a little more info here to debug.

Feel free to DM me, I would be happy to jump on a screen share do a little debugging.


Hi guys! I’m having the same issue with my landing pages, I’ve created the form in Unbounce.
The client domain is linked to WordPress, so we connected using an Unbounce plugin.

here is a link for one of the pages:

Hopefully, someone can help me! =)

Hey @lais,

You should reach out to the awesome folks at Unbounce Support.