Form leads not being captured


The form on my page is not actually capturing entries even though it tells the user that the form was successfully submitted. It used to work, but seemed to stop about 11 days ago. The leads do not show up in the “View all leads” section nor in my mailchimp account, yet there are no errors reported.


Hey Colin, can you send us the details of which page you’re having this issue with to We had an issue earlier this morning where the leads would have been delayed showing up in your account, but that doesn’t explain 11 days…


Looks like some of them today just went through (entries that I was testing with), but I have at least 1 report of it not working in the past 11 days or so.

Here’s the page:……



Glad to hear the test entries have been caught up. Can you narrow down the time period for the one report of a lead not being submitted? Any additional information?


I believe it was on the 11th, so that narrows it down to the day. Not sure on any other info, though :confused:


I did have a look through our logs on and around July 11th. I only see two visits to that page, and no attempts to submit a form. I apologize, but without any more information, I’m not sure what I can tell you. We weren’t experiencing any issues with form submissions during that time…


Thanks - since it seems to be working now, I’m not worried about it.