Form is making field "required" by default without a checkbox option


Hi, I’ve made a form and inserted a dropdown menu to select a choice. The field is showing an * for being required. But there is no checkbox for “required field” to unselect it… Has onebody else had this issue? I can’t make it un-required… Thanks.


Hey @Tiffer!!

Alyssa here - Support Coach @ Unbounce :slight_smile: thought I’d lend you a hand with this one!

When you set up a drop down in your Unbounce form, you do get a slightly different way to make it required or not required. You might have seen this wee chestnut of an option (validation options):

If you unselect this, you should no longer have a * showing it is a required field (kind of like this
Yet if you want to have it required, keep it selected and then change the name of the first field - this will require the lead to select something other than the first value.

You can also find an old thread on this here: Update Form Dropdown to "Not Required"
I hope this has helped @Tiffer but if you are still having trouble feel free to reach out to support channels directly and we’d be more than happy to have a look at what is happening for you.


That fixed it! Thank you so much!


Absolutely any time @Tiffer!! Glad it worked!