Form fields


I would love to be able to move the form fields independently… perhaps make them vertical or horizontal or I could make a can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl

also- maybe if it’s not too much on the servers… accept images in the form fields?


Unfortunately there is no easy way this can be done at the moment. It would be possible using some custom Javascript to position each form element independently but that would probably be a little difficult because you would only actually be able to see the result on the published page or in preview.

Here is an example that takes a form and splits it into two columns:

We have had requests for this kind of functionality before so it is on our radar for the future.



how about “upload an image” and maybe even a guessed location as options in the form fields…


Hey Adam, allowing file uploads in a form is something we’ve heard before and something we are still considering. As far as location guessing - we have an interesting little integration coming out in the next couple weks that will provide some location data for new leads (without asking them to provide it). I have noted your actual suggestion though.



a guessed location would be great


Carter, any updates on that integration for location data?


Unfortunately no, nothing built into Unbounce directly yet Sidney. There are some threads in the community that dig into ways around this in a bit more detail though:…


Ok thanks.


Separate idea from original topic.

Please reference the new conversation here: Image Upload / Geolocation