Form fields not clickable


Created a new variant of a pre-existing page. The page had a form on it which is carried over to the new variant page. The form works fine when I preview the page in Unbounce, but when I access the page over the web from the landing page URL, the form fields are not clickable. Cannot figure out what is wrong ? Appreciate any advice.


Hey Eric - I’ve just sent you an email asking you a few additional details so we can dig into this further. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this :slight_smile:


Hey Eric - I haven’t received a reply to the ticket I opened up for you. Did the email not come through? Do let me know if you still need my assistance!


This inquiry is many weeks old. Not sure how it was only received 2 days ago?

Anyway, problem has been solved or I found another way. I can’t remember.

You can close this ticket, thanks.


That’s very strange! Glad to hear everything has been resolved. If you need our assistance in the future shoot an email directly to for a much more immediate reply.