Form field label locations?


i feel like i’m losing my mind.

some of my landing pages have the labels above each of the form fields.


others have them to the side.


how can you change this?

i must be missing something very obvious.


Hey @gotmike

How did you manage to get the form fields to the right, CSS? That is not an Unbounce default setting. They should either be above or hidden.

What exactly re you looking to do? There are plenty of topics here with form modifications.


You can change it in the Label alignment attribute (in the right-hand side ‘Properties’) :slight_smile:


Oh yeah that’s it, I totally forgot cause I never use it … :stuck_out_tongue:



Ha ha I had to think hard about it too actually as I don’t use it either!


@Zoe_Tattersall – that was it. thanks!


When was this feature added? I don’t recall being able to move label placements from the builder.


Not sure, I don’t really remember it not being there?!