Form errors?!?! HELP - DEADLINE


form issue: testing form submission on … goes to blank page on submission???

anyone else had this… ive also had it where it says “change rejected” a 422 error that seems to happen when i want the form after submission to goto a different page/url…

under a deadline… anything will help for solutions.


Hi Michael,

The reason you are experiencing a problem with your page is that you have included jQuery in your page. We already include jQuery so there is no need to included it again. Doing so overwrites the jQuery instance we already include and causes our form validation code to break. We do intend on doing a better job of making this apparent.

For problems of this nature I would suggest sending a message to You will usually get a faster response if you use that channel.

I hope this helps. If you continue to experience problems with your page please email and we will be happy to have a look.