Form data to specific URL



I’m trying to execute the following:

We are looking for a way to allow customers to enter an access code within a form field which would lead them to a custom link on another web property. Only users with the right code can link there.




Hi Kathleen,

It is possible to achieve what you are after but you’ll need some custom coding to do it.

I have a couple of follow up questions:

  1. Are all visitors going to have the same “access code” or would each visitor have a unique code?

  2. How secure do you need this setup to be?

  • The simplest way to do it would be through some front-end coding (JavaScript) but people with enough technical skills would be able to look up the access code if they inspect the code of the page.
  • The more difficult way to do it would be to setup a database and backend scripts to do the check in real time and allow/deny access.




Hello - I’m working on this with Kathleen.

The Unbounce page is working with another site. The access codes are generated elsewhere and provided to the customer. Ideally, the customer would access the Unbounce page, enter their code in a text box, click a button, and then get re-directed, with a custom link, to the other site. The link would look like this: ~TEXTBOXCONTENT~ /LoginCredentials

This is pretty easy to do with Javascript, but here are the limitations I can’t figure out:

  • I can’t seem to use a form element in Custom HTML (Unbounce says HTML Block Invalid as soon as you add a form)
  • If I use the Form widget provided by Unbounce, I can’t change the behaviour of the “FORM BUTTON” to re-direct the user to the above link
  • If I use the Form widget provided by Unbounce, I can create a button, and add Javascript, which can direct the user to the above link, but there seems to be no way to get rid of FORM BUTTON, short of changing its dimensions to 1 x 1, and changing its colour to match the background

Is there a better solution?



Hi Richard,

You can actually do it through all 3 methods, you are describing:

  1. Although, Unbounce says the block is invalid, if you publish the page it should show up.

  2. You can redirect a native form based on a rule(s) you want. You just need to be comfortable with JS.

  3. You can hide the form button with a bit of CSS. Add your own button and the accompanying rules to it. However, you’ll also need to tie it to the native form.

I would advise going with option 1 but like I said all 3 are possible.