Form, count-down timer & payment development ideas


I’ve only been using Unbounced for a couple of weeks so have a number of ideas I’d really like developed.

Landscape form development
I was keen to try using landscape forms so my layouts are more effective at using space, keeping the title/message large at the top of the page but also the form above the fold (I have found having the form above the fold to massively improve conversion rates). I found some really useful information here The only downside is that it is not very user friendly in the backend and does not preview correctly and can have problems in the mobile screen size too. Presumably this is because its just adding script, what would be fantastic is that the form itself be developed directly so that you can change the amount of columns. Any chance of this happening would be GREAT!

Countdown timer option
I have also been trying to use countdown clocks to increase urgency and conversion. After some research I have started imbedding script from but its a bit crude and unpredictable at times so having a countdown timer directly within Unbounced would be amazing, again any chance of this happening would be greatly appreciated. 

Payment systems
I am also trying to implement external payment systems via iFrames which is quite tricky. They work but can be quite ugly and unresponsive so any internal payment systems Unbounced could make would be fantastic, we’re currently working working with an external developer but its not the ideal solution.

I know I’m going to be asking for a lot of development, would could be good is Unbounced have a internal development team which you can get add-ons to the normal subscription to Unbounced and things like these are added on as extra’s because they are not for everyone but people who are keen to do things like optimise their conversion I’m sure would be interested!


Hello Aaron,

Great points and it looks like Unbounce may be seeing the opportunity to do this.  They recently acquired GetRooster (exit overlays) and I imagine the success of this offering being integrated into the Unbounce plans and as an add on will dictate how quickly they venture into these other “add ons”.  Certainly would be nice to have the countdown timer cleanly and seamlessly into the Unbounce offering.




Hey Aaron,

I’m trying to use the option for count-down timer but it doesn’t work with me. Have you added something on java scripts part?




Sorry about the delayed response, the timer is pretty unpredictable (I guess thats what you get from a free service) but no java parts or anything.

Here is a screenshot for your reference:



This is not working for me either. My insert looks like the screenshot above but it doesnt render. Any ideas on best countdown widget for unbounce?

Thank you


Are you checking it on page builder, preview or the live page? Only live page shows your timer


Would love to have the urgency of a countdown timer on some of my landing pages!


I used  @Aaron, I checked in all views. No joy. has a free version and $5 per month version. I only need it for a month so…


Thats strange, it works for me. I would suggest talking to Unbounce support.


Hi James, for payments have a look at as it handles all the payment logic between your Unbounce page and Stripe. If there’s anything I can do to help, send me an email directly to