Form, count-down timer & payment development ideas


I’ve only been using Unbounced for a couple of weeks so have a number of ideas I’d really like developed.

Landscape form development
I was keen to try using landscape forms so my layouts are more effective at using space, keeping the title/message large at the top of the page but also the form above the fold (I have found having the form above the fold to massively improve conversion rates). I found some really useful information here The only downside is that it is not very user friendly in the backend and does not preview correctly and can have problems in the mobile screen size too. Presumably this is because its just adding script, what would be fantastic is that the form itself be developed directly so that you can change the amount of columns. Any chance of this happening would be GREAT!

Countdown timer option
I have also been trying to use countdown clocks to increase urgency and conversion. After some research I have started imbedding script from but its a bit crude and unpredictable at times so having a countdown timer directly within Unbounced would be amazing, again any chance of this happening would be greatly appreciated. 

Payment systems
I am also trying to implement external payment systems via iFrames which is quite tricky. They work but can be quite ugly and unresponsive so any internal payment systems Unbounced could make would be fantastic, we’re currently working working with an external developer but its not the ideal solution.

I know I’m going to be asking for a lot of development, would could be good is Unbounced have a internal development team which you can get add-ons to the normal subscription to Unbounced and things like these are added on as extra’s because they are not for everyone but people who are keen to do things like optimise their conversion I’m sure would be interested!


Hi Aaron,

Just wanted to pitch in a little with your ideas :slight_smile:

  1. Horizontal Forms - Completely agree, should be a native option in Unbounce, I know it’s been discussed before and that it’s potentially on the road map but that other more functional features have been taking priority. I don’t know if it’s still on the list only one of the guys like Justin at Unbounce would know that (hint!).

  2. Countdown timers - should be a piece of cake to build without integrating into Unbounce, when you say ugly or unreliable but that it IS possible and does work, it just makes me want to find a better solution ourselves, I see where you’re going with this but I think for Unbounce to make all these kinds of things available in the UI would lead to a pretty complex UI and kill the core idea of simplistic building of landing pages for non techies. Perhaps we could work together on finding something that looks nice and works well?

  3. Payment systems - A very difficult area to work with, security, trust, responsability etc. SSL advancements on Unbounce recently will help but I really don’t know the amount of work involved in native payment gateway support for our landing pages, but I will say, yes please, I’d love it. In the meantime however I’m happy enough with a Paypal button or something similar to do the heavy lifting without making it overly complicated. 

Modular design and payment for additional addons… I really would disagree here, we already have to pay extra per client and per added domain, it just feels like kicking ourselves in the nuts just because we’re feeding back on the additional features we would like as a community. I think UB is an awesome platform but I also think it’s priced just at the right place. 

Anyway, it’s really good to hear your thoughts and see you getting involved, keep feeding back it’s awesome :slight_smile:




Welcome to the community, Aaron! 

Thanks so much for the feedback on what you’d like to see in Unbounce. Luckily, you’re not alone in any of these ideas and some of them have already gained quite a bit of steam in our Community. If you want to see these ideas come to light, be sure to visit the conversations below and  ‘Like’ _and  _‘Follow’ _the ideas to show your support. The more votes we get for a particular feature, the more likely we are to add it to the roadmap at some point. 

Horizontal Forms

Countdown Timer…

Credit Card / Payment

As far as a modular payment structure for new features; this isn’t a road I believe we would travel down for the foreseeable future but I appreciate the thought. If we’re going to build any base functionality into the app, we would ideally like to make it available for everyone. The only exception to this is when we implement PRO features such as Dynamic Text Replacement, or sub-accounts. The reason we keep these tiered on the PRO plans is because these are advanced functionality sets that cater to large marketing teams or agencies. There can also be quite a bit of a learning curve attached, so they can take some time getting set up with our team. 

If you have any other ideas Aaron, please be sure to share them with our Community. :) 


Great points, Stuart! 

As far as Horizontal Forms goes, this isn’t on our immediate roadmap right now - however - it is something that’s being reviewed by our product team this week. Some of the most popular feature requests in the Community have revolved around better forms (such as horizontal forms, form logic, multi-step forms), which has also been echoed by customers who have contacted support. Check out this data from an an Inside Unbounce post regarding the top requested features: 

Clearly, this is something that we would want to build out. The only issue is that forms are one of the most complicated and robust pieces of our page builder, so it’s going to take a bit of time and a lot of effort. Two things we now have more of now that some of our biggest feature releases have been launched. 

When we start digging into this more, we’ll likely be reaching out to you and a few others in the Community to do some interviews and user testing. Sound good? :)