Form confirmation page: adding a CTA to subscribe to your blog


I’ve read on an unbounce ebook that a cool tip with confirmation pages is to include a CTA button to allow people to subscribe to your blog.

I’ve had a play around and i can’t figure out a way for someone to click a button on the confirmation page and for me to know who has subscribed.

I don’t want to create another form as i’ve already captured their details on the previous landing page.

any ideas?


Hey Mario,

Forgive me if I don’t fully understand what you’re trying to do, but I think one way you could do this is to use the “append form data from URL” checkbox in the right-side column. Then, on your confirmation page, as long as you have a form with an email field, it should automatically populate the email field with the visitor’s email address from the previous page so they don’t have to type it in again.

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You could add a call-to-action like “Subscribe to our blog” or something like that.

Once they hit submit, this would bascially become a separate form submission from your confirmation page, so you’d have to configure where the lead should go of course.

There’s probably an easier way to accomplish this. Just throwing out one suggestion.


I second this suggestion! We use the same method for “one-click upsells”.

It typically works best - you can also hide the field so the user does not see their email in there. But in the case it does not auto-populate, you may want to allow them to fill it in manually.



Thank you - i’ll give this a try