Form Confirmation dialog as landing page in Google Analytics


In my google analytics appears the confirmation page as a landing page. Of course, the goal appears for this landing page, but with the main page it doesn’t appear any goal.
For example: My landing page: 0 goals / conversion
And the confirmation form (as a landing page):, 2 goals.

What is that?

Thanks in advance!


Hey there!

Since the conversion you setup is a ‘Destination Goal’, then landing on the confirmation page is what is seen as completing the conversion. This will always be what shows up under ‘Goal URLs’.

However, if you want to find out which page of the funnel they started on you can go to the report found under

Behaviour > Site Content > Landing pages 

This will show which pages in specific were responsible for the conversion.


Hi Johnny,

My problem is in the report of landing pages (Behaviour > Site Content > Landing pages ).

It appears the “a-form_confirmation.html” (  like a landing page, with 9 goals and the landing page ( for example) also like landing page and without any goal / conversion



Hey there

That’s very odd - I’m going to open up a support ticket to investigate. Hopefully I can provide some helpful insight as to what’s happening here.

Keep an eye out for my email!


Hey there,

I answered the email.

Thank you Johnny!


I’m having this exact issue - the confirmation dialog box is appearing as a landing page In Google Analytics. The Unbounce landing page URL is also showing as a landing page in GA which suggests they are being broken broken across the session. 

Completely out of ideas why this would be happening. I’m using the Unbounce provided Google Analytics script via the Script Manager. 

Assuming this was resolved? Would be useful if solution was posted here.