Form button not working


I started with an unbounce template, but changed it up so much that it’s basically new.

The problem is that the form button isn’t working…and I know why, but I don’t know how to fix it.

The form button does not fall within the form’s boundaries. In other words, if I click the form area, the button is below the dashed lines. If I drag the form button into the form area itself, the form works… But now the button is on top of the last two form fields.

I need to make the form area bigger… I need to get that button into the form, rather than just a free-floating image below it.


Hi Michael - I just took a look at your latest page and it looks like there’s two elements that are set in front of the form right now that add a shadow effect to the image that sits behind the form. If you click on each of those images and in the top bar, press “send backward” until that button is greyed out, it will move those two images to the back. You’ll then be able to move your button down and it will no longer be sitting behind those two elements and will be clickable.


Awesome! That did it!