Form Builder For Unbounce (Multi Step, Conditional Qs, UTMs)

Hi all,

I’m creating a drag-n-drop form builder that allows for:

  • Beautiful designs and templates
  • Multi step forms
  • Progress bars
  • Conditional questions

… without any dev or design input needed.

I was wondering, would the Unbounce community see value in a version specifically for Unbounce?

It’d include the features you’d expect from a native form, plus the above.

This isn’t an attempt to advertise so I won’t mention the name - genuine feedback requested.





What sort of options does is have around integrations (zapier etc) and possibly sending reply emails?

Hey Joe, sure to Zapier - but the direction I’d like to take the Unbounce version in is that it submits via the Unbounce form.

That way, you keep their lovely conversion tracking, lead management and integrations (eg. Zapier) intact.

I’ve previously used form builders that bring leads outside of the ecosystem and it really ruins split testing and success tracking.

BTW - If you use Zapier, you can achieve a “reply email” with Zapier’s email zap.

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We have a similar app which works with zapier and can be embedded in Unbounce

Happy to hear what you guys think

Please tell us more on how we can use the multistep forms and progress bars without any dev and input. It would be very useful , thanks !

YES! I would definitely be interested in using this. I am currently using a multi-step form, but it needs a lot of updating and more options/functionality (like the conditional questions, being able to show 2 questions at a time like first and last name…)

Hi @Harvey_Carpenter!

I’ll be following this as we are always looking for new form solutions!

We have tested many form builders in the past (JotForm, FormStack, Leadformly, TypeForm… just to name a few). They are useful in most cases as they provide what you mentioned above (templates, multi steps, progress bars, conditional, with no coding).

One issue they all seem to have is being compliant with AMP (I don’t want my form to start 600px from the top - which is where iframes have to be placed).

I’d be interested in talking with you more about a form builder if you are opened to it! Forms are my best and worst friend :slight_smile: