Force Non-Compatability Mode | meta http-equiv="X-UA-COMPATIBLE" content="IE=edge"


Oh hey!

I work at a software company and unfortunately some of our products require a user’s browser (Internet Explorer) to be in compatibility mode. This setting causes issues with the layout of landing pages, which we typically solve with the metatag:   .

However, since moving to Unbounce, I try to add this tag to the javascript section and it doesn’t seem to go into effect.

I’m wondering if anyone has a similar issue and has by chance found a work around?

I really don’t want switch from Unbounce because it’s amazziiingg, but it’s also necessary that our customers view our landing pages correctly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!



Hey Adam, 

I had the same problem a year ago while doing landing pages for south korea. (In Asia many people use Explorer) what I ended up doing was a design for IE users and another one for non IE users and redirect them with a javascript according to their browsers.

In my case the layout changes were not so big, for the most part just had to adjust the text position. 

Hope this could work for you too. 




Thanks for the reply, Kenji.

I imagine there haaaas to be a better way. Metatags are so important to web design, I’m hoping there’s a workaround to plug the tag in without creating duplicate content.

Unbounce gods to the rescue?



Heyoh – I wanted to provide an update on this.

I added the metatag (mentioned in my original post) as a domain-level script sometime ago and just kept it sitting there since it wasn’t hurting the page. Today I noticed upon publishing a landing page that the script has moved to the top of the source code and is suddenly working.

I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if Unbounce made a change. Thoughts?

I hope it continues to work. :slight_smile: