For better SEO - ability to host Unbounce pages under an active root domain rather than a subdomain


For established websites, Unbounce does a great job creating landing pages for special one-off products or PPC campaigns but I also have landing pages dedicated to more long term objectives. Lead generation for example.

Having to host a landing page on a sub-domain is OK for a short-term objective but for something more long-term it needs to be under the root domain or organic traffic won’t find it. allows you to embed a page by adding a snippet. Then you can split test that page from within Leadpages. It would be great if Unbounce could do the same.

Do you agree?


Hey Nick, definitely agree this would be great! Unfortunately an embed code would not get you the SEO value that you’re after, as search engine spiders will only crawl the content that is on the page when it’s first loaded. Any content injected into the page after it loads via javascript or an iframe will not be properly indexed.

We do get this request a lot though, so I’ve added your feedback to the list. Thanks for chiming in Nick!


No worries. Not sure how the implementation should be done to preserve the SEO power but it’s definitely something I need. I’d be willing to pay a lot more for Unbounce if it could do this as it would save me so much development time.