I’m working on my client’s page and it seems that the old designer of the page used 2 fonts ( Frutiger_Bold.ttf and Frutiger_Light.ttf ) the problem is that the page is taking 15 seconds to load. If I try to open the url of that font, I will get a 522 error because the url (attached), this is the url of the font:

This is my client’s page:

Any idea how to fix this issue and how to speed up the page?


Hey there!

Hmm, so they used a custom font? Can you simply swap out the fonts on the page with one of the built-in Unbounce fonts? That would probably do the trick. Unless you absolutely need that specific font. But I’d try to avoid using external fonts whenever possible for performance reasons.


Hi Nicholas,

Thanks, but we can’t do that, my client wants this specific font. It has been a real pain in the ass figure it out how to fix this issue.