Font Colors don't show the right one


Every time I click on black panel in the colour palette- it picks a different colour. At the moment, it picks show gray colour every time I pick black. I can’t seem to change the colour


Hi Grishma,

When you open the colour picker panel, does it look like this?


Jus figured out - the font color was set in the side panel under page settings.
So if I change that it works. But I have a new problem - the color value entered in box under page settings lands up being applied the headings & the listed numbers. Not sure why.


The font color under the page settings tab sets the font color globally and affects all text elements. If you want to change the font color for a single line of text or word, you must do so in the text editor. Double click the text to open the text editor and then hi-light the text that you would like to change. Click on the icon indicated in the image below and you should be able to specify the colour just for the hi-lit text.

I hope this solves your problem for now. We realize that this isn’t ideal and improvements to setting the style of text is definitely on our roadmap for the coming months.


Thanks Justin - I did try that but to no avail.
It does not change the color at all. Also when I do manage to change the color - it is not reflected within the text editor


Perhaps you have discovered a bug. Could you email with the url of the page you are having trouble with? That way I can look into this a bit further. Also can you confirm that you are using Google Chrome on Mac OS X?




Actually for some reason the formatting for my h1 and h2 is the same by default - I change it permanently


I tend to do that quite often :slight_smile:
Will email the support with the url (unpublished) and yes, I am using chrome mac os x.


I have sent an email to the support - just saw that somewhere along all the deleting & copy/paste - it added another span to “body li span” so it would look like “body li span span”. I am not sure what exactly let me to that - but I will keep an eye out if it happened again.


I’m having to same problem, I select and highlight within the text box chose a new text color, save then nothing…s it reverts to black text