Font Awesome, Google Fonts, Drag & Drop Image upload?

I have a lot of great ideas for Unbounce to put into the platform, I just spoke with Les on the Chat and he was able to provide some really good answers to my questions. However since i know Google Fonts and the Drag and Drop is on its way. I would still love to use Font Awesome as an option in the builder. Does anybody know if there is any chance that we will get FA?

Thank you


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With a little bit of CSS knowledge, you can use FontAwesome on your landing pages.

As you pointed out, it isnโ€™t a built in feature yet, but it is technically achievable using @font-face in your CSS. :slight_smile:

Check this guide out:

Hey Jon,

Thanks for the reply. I know it can be done, also using it a lot. But would be a lot handy if we could just drop them in. With some googleing you can even find this topic which explains how to do it anyway:

I requested the feature because i would like to use it without a html block. :slight_smile:
But again thank you for the reply!