Folders and Grouping pages


Any plans to add folders to help organize pages beyond “groups” - ? With my larger clients who are testing hundreds of pages, I’m finding I need one additional level of grouping to keep things organized. Thanks for considering!! :slight_smile:


Hi Jen - Always great to hear from you! Cole from our UX team is actually looking at different ways of organizing pages right now. It’ll likely be part of a larger UX project, so that means I don’t have any sort of timeline right now. But it also means if you do have anymore feedback about how you’d like page organization to look, please let us know.


Hey Jen! Just want to add to what Quinn said that changing groups to act more like folders, and adding additional levels of nesting is currently top of the list. The team that would build this is still finishing up the Script Manager feature though, so we’re still in the ideation stage on the UX side. Can I ask what your ideal folder structure would look like?


I second this request. Specifically, I would like to see a windows explorer style folder structure implemented with drag & drop functionality. I can imagine multiple tiers already, for example:

-Promoted Social Pages
— Twitter
— Facebook
— LinkedIn
----- Value Proposition
----- Thank You Page


While not directly related, the company I work for specializes in Document Management software - here is an example of how one of our customers organizes their repository -…

Here is a guide one of our team members put together with regards to designing repository architecture:…


Thanks Quinn! Ideally I’d love to have:

Folder (Ex: Category of Pages)

  • Pages (Pages that fall within that Category)

An example - I have a client who sells a CRM software, Support Software, Email Marketing software (and more), and we want to break the pages up by Country. We have 20+ pages per country within each of these projects.

If you can imagine the organization is a nightmare. I’d love to have Folders for each product, and then break the pages up by Group (or in this case Country). Then from there be able to dig into the individual pages.

Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:


Hey Carter - I just responded on Quinn’s thread - thanks for the follow up guys!! :smiley:


I’m in for seeing this change as well. Grouping and nesting pages would be tremendously helpful to me in terms of keeping all my pages organized and not letting anything fall through the cracks.

Any way we could stay updated on developments of this forthcoming feature?


Hey Edward! I’ve gone ahead and tagged your account in our back-end for this feature request, so when we develop something further you’ll be among the first to know. It would also help to subscribe to this thread in particular, as we’ll be updating everybody here once this goes live. Thanks for casting your vote for this feature interest!