FLG CRM integration


My client uses FLG CRM. He’s sent me his API script and a .php link. What do I do now?

Do you have step by step instructions or a video on how to integrate his API with Unbounce?

Thanks. x


Hi Tanyae - the documentation for script manager is a great place to start. Let me know if you have any questions after reading this document!


Hi @mccamon,

Thanks for the article. It doesn’t mention integration with a CRM though.

You mentioned to look at Script Manager. Whatever I need to do, do I not need to just do it on the page with the form, rather than at domain level?

This is the script they sent.

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<data1>[Date](appointment date)</data1>
<data2>[Set](Age Bracket: 50 - 60, 61 - 70, 70+)</data2>
<data3>[Time](appointmnet time)</data3>

Do I need to do something else?


Hi @tanyae,

What you’ve posted above is an XML feed.

I assume the FLG CRM expects the form’s data in that particular order.

What you need to do is write a PHP script that would receive the data from Unbounce, reformat it into an XML like the one you’ve posted and sent it to FLG.