First step - configuration


Hey guys,

I have some problems for add my domain to the app but on the server is all aok… but I don´t know If we need to do something more… this is the message that the APP said on the account.

One or more of your Custom Domains isn’t working yet.
There are a couple of reasons why this might be.
The most common reason for this is that your host is just taking a while to update your new CNAME. Assuming your CNAME is setup correctly (see point 2 below), give it a couple of hours and it should start working.
Double-check that your CNAME is pointing to and triple-check for any spelling mistakes.
If your CNAME looks right, and you have waited a couple of hours for it to update, please email support and include a screenshot of your host’s CNAME control panel so that we can get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Hey Khateryne!

Issues with domains are definitely something that our (awesome) Support team can help you out with, as this involves taking a look into the details of your account, which we can’t do as this is a public forum.

Thankfully, our Support team is super knowledgable in this area and will definitely be able to either help you solve your problem, or point you in the right direction. Sometimes these issues are only solvable by your domain provider.

Shoot them an email at, give them a call at 1.855.435.5151, or hit them up on chat :slight_smile: