First post. Questions about links, pictures, and how to make it for mobiles



First post. My first attempt at a landing page here:…



  1. At the bottom where it says ‘Get our ebook here’ - how do you create a link that takes it back to the top where the form is?

  2. This will be a local adwords campaign targeting local businesses in Nottingham, UK. How necessary do you think it is it I need a picture of me in there? It’s just such a hassle getting a picture done.

  3. How do I make this work properly on mobiles?




Hi Masten,

This looks like a pretty good start! I’ve gone ahead and answered some of your questions below:

  1. Smooth scrolling links and buttons can be achieved with just a bit of code. Check out this short article which explains how to achieve the exact effect you’re looking for:…

  2. This is more of a personal preference, but it would be interesting to A/B test having your photo versus not.

  3. Unbounce pages are not currently mobile responsive, but we do have a work around that will allow for you to create a good mobile experience for you mobile visitors. This is a work around that involves creating 2 versions of your page one for desktop and one for mobile.

To create the mobile version of your page, you can either start with a ready-made mobile template (scroll down:…), or create your own with a recommended width of 320px.

Then, simply implement this mobile redirection script here:…

Hope this helps, Masten!