First landing page. How I can improve it? Appreciate any feedback!


Hello everyone,

I’ve just released a pre-launch landing page for my product. I am so excite!!! :star_struck:


I don’t want to say to much about my product. If I did a good job you should understand everything.
Just one thing. I target air conditioning/HVAC service. Thus try to be an HVAC service owner for o moment :wink:

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time!!!



Hey Marco,

Welcome! :slight_smile: Here’s a quick video with some feedback:


Wow… Thank you so much Nicholas!!! :+1::astonished:

Wonderfull feedback. I really appreciated. I will take all advices on the new variant.
Thanks again.



Hi Nicholas,

I followed your advice and I made some adjustment to my page. I found some amazing tutorial and I am adding more picture. I just need some good quality images.

Question. Because I am launching a B2B product, should I add a contact page or a contact reference? All tutorial/course taught me to get just one CTA, no mail, no social button, no other links. What do you think?




Amazing @Nicholas!! :clap::spinbounce: