First ever landing page - comparison of unbounce with my own


First ever landing page for a my new business created with unbounce - any comments much appreciated -… thanks!

And here is my previous landing page, designed by myself and coded from scratch by my developer.…


On your new page, it seems there are some spelling errors that could really cost you leads. Who wants to hire a tutor that can’t seem to spell. So I would fix those, “practise” is spelled wrong twice (is correct farther down the page). I think written was also spelled wrong lower on the page.

The wording is different than we would use in the US, so I am not sure if the message is completely clear or not. I’m sure it makes sense to your audience.

I would consider a link to “Learn More” or get more information. Your website has a lot more content, and while your primary goal is to get the lead, they may want more details before providing information. So you might want to test an alternate version that links to more information below the form if they aren’t sure yet.

Overall I like your previous page, but would suggest you move the main content up higher on the page. There is a lot of wasted space on the top 3/4 of the page, and it would look good if everything just shifted up to fill it in.

Good luck, hope this was helpful.


I like the old one better :slight_smile: