Finding Image Paths


Does anyone know of a simple way to get an image path from the library.  Currently I must ad the image to a page and publish it.  Hoping for a much simpler solution.


Hey Adam, 
Just curious, what are you looking to use the image paths for? 


Hey Justin,

I have an HTML block in a landing page and I am trying to use images in our library as thumbnails.  I have to have the image paths in the HTML block in order to get the thumbnail images to display.


Hi Adam,

I thought I’d chime in here. Because of the way images are served in Unbounce, there aren’t any library image URLs that you would be able to reference for your custom HTML. Also, the URLs from your published images are dynamic and could change, meaning the images in your HTML block may not display reliably.

A quick solution to this would be to be to host the images on your own servers or to use a hosting service such as Imgur for your images. 

I know this isn’t exactly the answer you were looking for Adam, but I hope this helps clarify things!


great information, it will be help may problem thanks.


Hi Noah,

I’m reviving this topic because I keep having the same issue. When hosting the image on our own server and dropping into the HTML of the landing page, the image shows up in the preview in Unbounce properly, but does not show up when looking at the page live in a browser. Any idea why this is happening? I’ve tested multiple browsers, so I don’t think that’s the issue.