Find me an expert to help, soup-to-nuts

I came up with this great service which is ready to sell, and yet, I keep receiving different ideas on how to bring it to market – and I’m not a tech person. With that said, I have no website/landing page, and I could really use some direction to understand how to get it done. I was directed to the Unbounce job board to find an expert to help me soup-to-nuts.

What problem am I solving?
In brief, I have a newly created company/service to have child support orders recalculated and modified. It offers a quick, convenient, lawyer-less and inexpensive alternative to a widely divergent, confusing and complicated legal system of federal, state, and sometimes, county criteria. With a click, I will promise to facilitate getting a customer to an agent that will manage the entire process.

Functional requirements (that I can think of):
The landing page needs to have a video that will be developed elsewhere. The form must be able to accept payment. Depending on the US state/territory that the customer selected, the solution needs to email a populated form letter to one of 54 different email addresses.

Am I missing anything?

Hey Chris,

I’ve got lots of experience with the marketing side of landing pages/websites, as well as building functional web apps with dynamic logic. You can check out my portfolio at

Feel free to email me if you’d like to book a call to discuss :slight_smile:


Hi Rachel,
I can tell you that I don’t understand your resume. Yes, let’s schedule a call!