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Hi everyone,

Does Unbounce offer a functionality to prevent people submitting forms with an email account from a free email service?



Hi Oscar - we don’t have this functionality built in, as we haven’t received too many requests for it. That said, Mark from our Technical Team was able to come up with a script that leverages the validation we already use for our forms and adds some extra rules. You can find his post on that here.

I’d say to be really careful when implementing this though. It does block people from submitting your form with a free email address completely, so there isn’t a way for us to grab any of that information afterwards for you, since nothing is ever captured for those people.

You definitely won’t want to use it for any B2C endeavors.

From a technical standpoint, we’ve had a few people try it out and confirm that it works for them though.


Thank you, Quinn. I will give this a look.