Fill out form fields based on uploaded file


Hey Unbounce

Is it possible to auto-fill form fields from a file or server, which has been uploaded with existing customer information?

We want our existing customers to enter the landingpage and give a gift to a non-existing customer. If possible we want the form information to be validated by a gift-code or something like that.


Hi @sohan,

You have a couple of options:

  • Tag each link to your landing page with the proper field names.


Most email clients would allow you to tag your URLs this way and fill out the variables automatically. If you customers are coming from an internal page/link rather than an email campaign, you’ll need to modify the link to include the above information and pass it on to the landing page.

When one of your customers clicks on such a link and they are taken to the landing page, all of that information in the URL would be auto-filled in your form.

  • Gift-code - You have a couple of options here as well. A less secure option doing it with a front end script (JavaScript) and the more complicated but secure option of doing the validation in the back end.