File access on Custom Domains


I have my root domain pointing to my unbounce page, but this seems to prevent anything on my domain from being linked. for example, files in my /images folder - i can’t anything in this folder because www. now points to the unbounce page…right?

is there a workaround for this?


Hey Lawrence,

Typically, you would point a new name at For example, if you have your web site at '’, you might create ‘’ or ‘’ and point that at

It sounds like you’ve pointed ‘’ at our servers. These servers don’t know anything about your existing files, which is why they’re responding with a “not found”.

If I’m understanding your issue correctly, you should point your root domain back to the server for your main site, and create a new name for your Unbounce pages.

Does that make sense?



all makes sense, but we’d really like the unbounce page to be on ‘’ for our launch AND to be able to continue to access the rest of our server…are there any workarounds?


Hey Lawrence, it really depends on specifics. If your Unbounce page is acting as a ‘coming soon’, then you should be able to have your existing server available at something other than (like,, for example). At launch time, you can just point www to your beta server and voila, you’re live!

In terms of a workaround, there are various proxying methods that would let you access both servers from one name (using Apache for your main site and proxying a portion of your URL space to your Unbounce pages, or using Varnish as a front-end for everything), but assisting with such a configuration is really beyond what we can provide, sorry…