Fields mapping in Unbounce integration app


We are developing an Unbounce integration with our CRM system, and there is a question.

In our system, it’s possible to create custom fields in addition to standard ones (like phone, e-mail etc). Users actively utilize custom fields, and we’d like to find a way to use them in this integration.

So, how we see an app authorization process:

  1. User pastes URL for POST
  2. Unbounce sends POST request using provided address with the key: authorize: true
  3. On our side, we’ll see this key and reply with a bunch of standart and custom fields (and their ids) for this user, like that:

First name: 123456
E-mail address: 123457
Some custom field: 123458

  1. Having them, it’s possible to fill dropdown menu in the right column on field mapping interface.
  2. In the webhook data_json array we’ll expect provided field ids as a key

Would it be possible to implement this stuff on your side?


Hi there - by default, the webhook will format the field names in the json the webhook send in the exact same format as Unbounce’s default field names (which is whatever the label is set as forced to lowercase with spaces replaced by underscores. ex. “First Name” becomes “first_name”).

You can set up custom field mapping though. So you can send the value of a form and set a custom field name, like so:

In the example above, this would be added to the default json that we push:
“123456”:[“you_ name”]}



Yes, i read about it in documentation.

But i’m talking about custom integration app, like Zoho CRM. I’ve just noticed this feature already works there.

When you adjusting field mapping in Zoho CRM app, there is right column with pre-filled selectors, which are obviously came from Zoho, right?

Amongst them you can see standart fields (Lead Owner, Company, Email etc) and user’s custom field - 9 DEC CUSTOM FIELD (i’ve just created it in Zoho CRM, and it appears here in Unbounce)

As i can see, after clicking on field mapping, unbounce generates the POST request to endpoint, and it returns remote_fields array

Therefore, this endpoint made some request to Zoho to get those fields.

So, it think it would be possible to make the same thing for our integration app too, right? I’ll be very grateful if you could provide some technical information about how this endpoints works and the POST request format

Thank you,


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When you adjusting some integration app, like Speak2Leads or Zoho CRM, you need to paste API key or URL for POST from those services.

We are developing integration with our CRM system, and here is a question.

Is it possible to set URL for POST application parameter via API? In this way, we could adjust user’s integration app automaticly after oAuth authorization


Hi Alex - the Zoho CRM integration is something that we built ourselves, so we were able to leverage functionality that isn’t available via our Webhook functionality yet.

I’ve been in touch with our Partnerships Coordinator, Nadia. She’ll reach out about the possibility of getting you additional access and working together on an integration (including API access).


Hey there, this is exactly the next thing we hope to add to our API actually. We’d put API development on hold about a year ago to focus on some other priorities, but are now currently in the process of building up a team to kickstart development again. Webhooks via the API is top of the list.