Field Renaming is Useless


I had one landing page with a field called “Email” and another one with “Email Address” and even though I renamed the latter to match the first one, the leads still have both columns. There should be a way to merge these columns, I don’t want to carry extra columns every time I change a field name.


Hey Samantha,
Merging columns would definitely be a handy feature for this situation. Another improvement that we’ll be adding soon is the ability to make your form field “name” different than your “label”. This way you could have many different versions of a form using different labels (Email Address, Your Email, E-mail, etc…) and have all of them reference the same field name of “email” in your CSV, or when viewing the leads.

Needless to say, I understand the issue you’re having and we’ll let you know when a solution is available.



Carter, is this “already” possible? :slight_smile:

We are experiencing some difficulties w/ field names that have international characters like “Š”, or “§”.

Feedback is very much appreciated.



Unfortunately it’s not Steffen, sorry. We ended up prioritizing some more important features over this one (dynamic text insertion and responsive design to name a couple) so this is still in our backlog.

That being said, are you just hoping to have different labels for your form fields with more control over international characters? You can always “hide” the field label and use a regular text element for the label. That way you can name your fields whatever you want to be consistent but have different label copy. Does that help?


Hi Carter,

thanks for your quick reply! I’ve set up a 2-step lead capturing process. The content of the form fields in step 1 are looped through hidden fields in step 2.

Now, here’s where the problem occurs:

The hidden fields in step 2 need to have identical names / labels with fields in step 1. The field names in step 1 contain international characters, which in step 2 aren’t correctly mapped to the corresponding (hidden) fields.

Any ideas, how to solve this?



Hey Steffen, sorry for such a delay in my response. Are you able to send us an email to We can help you troubleshoot your specific situation a lot better that way.


Having form fields with a different name than the label would be much appreciated here too! Would allow us to POST those fields (as a confirmation page) to a page on our website that accepts a specific name. Webhooks are no help for us as our page process additional validations and errors can be displayed to the user.


A million up-votes to what Stephan said. This is a huge issue for us.