Field Label INSIDE of field


How can I make the field names show up inside of the fields themselves, rather than above or to the side as usual?

I’m talking about the kind where there is text pre-populated, (i.e. “Name”), then when the user clicks inside the field the text disappears so they can enter their info. Thanks for your time!


Hi Scott - you can do that pretty easily by embedding some custom Javascript on your page.

We’ve got a tutorial showing you how to do that here:…

That said, there is some research/testing that suggests even though placeholder text can look nicer from a design perspective, it can create extra friction for some users, which can actually hurt your conversion rates (here’s one article on that), so I’d recommend testing a variant with placeholder text vs. a variant with regular labels.

Has anyone already tested themselves and found that the placeholder text helped?


Hi Quinn,
I’ve the same problem, but your url don’t work. Please check it.



Hi there - we just migrated our documentation over to a slightly different platform. Redirects were supposed to be created automatically, but in some cases they weren’t generated properly. Here’s the new link…


Hi I did it … but it didnt work…


Are you checking out the page via preview? Or published page? 

If it still isn’t working on the published page, shoot us an email at and we’ll see what we can do to help out. 


Now I see the label inside the field but the Label outside the field is still showing how do I remove this.


Hi Lenny, 

There is a checkbox in your form builder that would hide the labels. 

![]( A - Heritage_The_Villas_Internal_test inline.png?1465903478 “Image:”)