[Feedback Wanted] Popups


So…you joined the Popup beta. High-fives!

Whadd’ya think? No, but seriously, what do you really think? In other words:

We built Popups to help you create relevant offers and trigger overlays that maximize your conversion potential.

So, after giving Popups a spin…

  • …Did Popups do what you expected them to do?

  • …Did anything stop you from activating your Popups?

  • …Did you find our communications helpful?

All your feedback is welcome right here in this thread— let’s talk about how you’re using Popups and how Unbounce can make them better for you!

[Convertables] 2 big updates - and a brand new name!
[Feature Release] Popups (Formerly known as Convertables)
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Easy to use - in true Unbounce fashion. We just need testing :smiley:


I mentioned this another thread, but when you add borders it messes up the lightbox.

Also, it would be great to have the same dropdown menu options like duplicate, add to groups, etc.


Thanks for the feedback @digibomb. Duplicate is something that we’ve just started working on. The borders bug is being investigated. Add to groups functionality has not been planned yet - we’re waiting until customers have created enough Convertables to justify grouping :slight_smile:


Just a quick update with the border issue. The issue seems to be with outside borders inadvertently increasing the size of the light box, resulting in an unwanted scroll state. One quick way to address this is to use the inside "border option"instead.

I hope that helps.


I tried inside border, still no change. I ended up just using a box with a transparent bg and borders. Worked just fine :slight_smile:


I had an issue with using embeddable CTA’s on mobile. Am I doing it wrong or is it just for desktop?


In the first 11 days we can contribute about $32k (EDIT $42.7k by Oct 21) in revenue directly tied to eCTAs. It’s quickly becoming one of the most profitable organic campaigns on our websites–and has even helped improve the conversion rates of similar offers with an uplift of 10% on one campaign.

So far we have tested the following with eCTAs:

  1. Targeted ECTA on new-customer web pages tied to our loyalty program. Form fields include: first, last, and email. We get about a 3.29% conversion rate to fill the form, and 17% ecommerce conversion rate. Approximately 2800 views so far. About $20k (EDIT: This # is direct + influenced) of the generated revenue was from this ECTA.

  2. Exit-intent targeted at specific client URL codes during the checkout process. This has generated an additional $10.4k with 16.67% ecommerce conversion rate, and 8.72% CTR. Approximately 900 views so far.

  3. For two specific campaigns we also tied them directly into our lead-generation landing pages from the website using UTM tagging to separate the traffic and generated another 3 long-form leads for large contracts (always low vol here).

Overall it has been successful and we will continue implementing new ways to use this feature. For feedback, I would provide the following:

  • Geo-target ECTAs on a single page, allow the system to serve as needed
  • A/B Testing with ECTAs to test design, delay, CTA etc
  • Ability to reset stats from the control panel without having to publish/unpublish
  • Fire ECTA on scroll by Xpx
  • Behavioural targeting (based on flow, click path, from specific URL referrer)

EDIT 1: Adjusted Numbers as of Oct 21

  • $42.7k Directly Related to ECTAs
  • $10.8k influenced (+11.62% conversion increase over period of June - Sept, n=584)
  • Snowball impact and influence on another possible $4.3k
  • Ecommerce Exit Intent 8.81% CTR, 18.50% eCommerce Conversion (n=1203) (Attribute $27.9k)
  • Website ECTA 3.28% Lead Capture, 14.48% eCommerce Conversion (n=3844) (Attribute $14.6k)
  • Website Targeted Campaign ECTA #1, 4.08% Conversion (n=147)
  • Website Targeted Campaign ECTA #2, 4.11% Conversion (n=73)
  • Landing Page Exit-Intent ECTA #3, 4.08% Conversion (n=147)


Hi @longhi18,

At this point in time, Convertables will only show on desktop browsers. We will be adding support to show On Arrival and After Delay triggered Convertables on mobile browsers prior to the feature coming out of beta. On Exit won’t show on mobile as there’s no cursor on a mobile device to trigger it.

Hope this helps!

[Open Beta] Convertables

@colinsa - this is so awesome! Thank you for sharing your story will us. On behalf of the team working on building the ECTA feature, it’s really rewarding to hear this feedback.

With regards to the features that you mentioned:

  • Geo-target ECTAs on a single page, allow the system to serve as needed

The goal of ECTAs is give you the ability to provide the right conversion opportunity to the right customer at the right time. Geo-targeting, along with other forms of visitor and behavioural targeting, are a key part of that story.

Until we have full geo-targeting support, we will also investigate some workarounds to make it possible to achieve this along the lines of what you posted here.

  • A/B Testing with ECTAs to test design, delay, CTA etc

A/B Testing is core to Unbounce’s DNA and will be a central part of ECTAs. It is, however, a fairly significant chunk of work to deliver. We’re currently targeting to release it in early 2017.

  • Ability to reset stats from the control panel without having to publish/unpublish

We are currently working on adding the ability to duplicate ECTAs. While this doesn’t directly address stats resetting, duplicating an ECTA would produce a new ECTA with no stats. This would allow you to achieve the goal of resetting stats without losing the stats on the original ECTA. It does, however, entail unpublishing the old ECTA and publishing the new one. Would this support your use case?

Also, if we provide the ability to view stats for specific date ranges, would that eliminate the need to do a stats reset?

  • Fire ECTA on scroll by Xpx

Work on triggering ECTAs on scroll has just started. Our plan is to start by supporting scrolling down a percentage of the page - instead of scroll by X pixels. Would this work for your needs? One challenge with scrolling by X pixels is that it is quite brittle as it is vulnerable to different display types and resolutions.

  • Behavioural targeting (based on flow, click path, from specific URL referrer)

URL referrer targeting is also part of the visitor targeting support that we will be providing.

Hope this helps!


Email from Unbounce brought me here:

We love embeddable CTA. In a very hard project only embedabble cta and intercom chat work for us to convert visitors who otherweise don’t sign up, don’t email and don’t call. also I like how easy to use they are on other pages (wordpress)


Welcome to the Community @daniellv! Really awesome to hear that you’re having success using Embeddable CTA’s so far. :blush:

I’d love to hear how you’re utilizing both ECTA’s and intercom chat in tandem to convert visitors. Can you share any screenshots?


I think the CTA function is a great addition to Unbounce. I can’t wait for more of the basic functions to come into play (duplicating them, multiple webhooks, providing summary stats at the main menu level along with Active/Inactive status).

Please add more features soon!


Hey @Charles_Tanner! Welcome! And thanks for that feedback. :smiley:

I know about a few folks who are drooling over a few of the upcoming features that you mentioned. We’ve definitely got plans on expanding on Embeddable CTA’s, but (like all great things) it will take a bit of time.

Have you implemented ECTA’s on any campaigns yet? If you have any details you’d like to share on how it’s been going, I’d love to hear it!



I’m quite surprised that my CTR is 12%. No conversions yet though.


  • Implement analytics
  • AB testing
  • Responsive
  • Improve loading speed.

So far so good.


I have been testing a few pages on a couple of my sites. Nothing crazy good to report so far in terms of results.

Unlike other pages view where alot of it is generated via push emails to my existing audience and I kinda know what to expect, theses are definitely going to significantly increase my traffic usage and I can easily see it getting out of hand.

Before I could see myself getting beyond careful testing, I would need a meter added as a feature to each one so I can set the number of unique visitors the ad would be displayed to and then it would auto-pause the campaign. This would allow me to “set-and-forget” more of these campaigns without loosing sleep that I have run-away traffic with no guarantee of conversions.


Hey @Kenji_Sano thanks for your feedback! Awesome that you’re seeing some pretty solid early results. As you’ve probably already read, you’re not alone in requesting some feature additions. Plans are in the works for expanding, so stay tuned!


Hi @Charles_Tanner,

Thanks for your feedback and feature requests!

Duplicating an ECTA will be available soon - the team is just wrapping up work on it. Multiple webhooks will also be available for ECTAs in a similar time frame. We will post an announcement in the community when these features are available. We haven’t started work on showing stats on the list view, but it will be coming as part of rounding out the ECTA feature set.


Hi @Kenji_Sano

I had a quick look at your ECTA. I believe that the reason that no conversions are showing is because a conversion goal has not been set for the CTA button. Please let us know if we can assist with this.

Unfortunately, this is currently really easy to do - especially for click through ECTAs. We will be adding more visual feedback in the Builder to help alert when no conversion goal is set to reduce the likelihood of ending up in this situation in the future.

As far as the feature requests, do you mind providing a bit more detail on the following?

  • Responsive: I assume that you are looking to show your ECTA to customers on mobile devices. Support for mobile devices will be available before the end of this year.
  • Improve loading speed: Are you finding that the ECTA is not appearing fast enough for your visitors?