[Feedback Wanted!] Need Help Blowing Conversions Out Of The Water!


Hi Unbounce Community,

I’m looking for some feedback on a landing page for a client. We’re getting some pretty good results so far (~50% conversion rate), but we REALLY want to blow them out of the water with the results this page generates (i’m sure you can relate!). Please find a test version of the page here: http://try.slumbercloud.com/sleep-cooler-preview-link/

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hey there,

This is actually a very nice page! When you say you’re getting 50% conversions, since it’s a click-through, I’m assuming you mean you’re getting 50% conversions on the click-through alone, correct?

Overall, there’s not much I would change, because you have all the essentials. Here are some things you might want to test though:

  1. The headline and sub-head in the hero section are problem-focused, which is fine, but you might want to test a variant where it is more positive, and benefits-focused. So instead of leading with the problem (sleeping too hot?) you would lead with the solution. There’s no right or wrong way to go about this, but testing both approaches is usually a good idea. Oh, and if you do decide to go a more benefits-driven headline, you’ll want to swap out the image for something more positive too, like someone waking up in the morning smiling.

  2. The testimonials are great, but my only question was where do they come from. I see they say “certified” but by who? Maybe a bit more info to show that they are in fact legit would help. And if there were photos of the people leaving the testimonials, that usually helps build trust as well.

  3. The “reclaim you night” section is very detailed, but to the point that it was difficult for me to decide which mattress pad is best. I think a video in this section would be super helpful, to show the differences. Overall, I think a video anywhere on this page would really answer a lot of questions.

Overall, a great page though! Thanks for sharing and good luck.


Great feedback @Nicholas!

To add to Nic’s point, I would throw on a convertable to capture missed opportunities :wink:


Stefano, can you explain further now convertibles can be used here?


Hey @Eric_Lituchy! Great question.

If someone attempts to leave the landing page without converting (or hitting one of those CTAs), firing off a convertable could capture those missed opportunities.

Perhaps providing an additional incentive in the form of a limited time promotional code could help increase conversions.

Happy to provide some additional insight if you’d like :grinning:


Hi @HotSauce,

Some great feedback is given so far… I have a few things to add.

  1. I don’t understand the image and how it relates to sleeping too hot. I think something tongue and cheek i.e. someone laying in bed with a winter hat and earmuffs on with a fan blowing would get the point across visually. To me the image invokes anxiety, not heat.

  2. You have 2 great points that you are missing above the fold 100% satisfaction guaranteed and 30 nights risk-free. I had to read the page 2x before I saw the risk free line. Yes, right above the CTA is a great place for that, but why not put it above the fold right when you get to the page?

You don’t want users to have to hunt for your best product features!

  1. At mobile why do you hide the phone number? If a user has a question why not let them click to call?

  2. You can make the image panel taller (at mobile) and get the sub head up closer to your headline. This will help users understand the headline better as the relationship between the elements will be better defined.

  3. Body text seems a little small at mobile. Yes I wear glasses so I’m slightly biased towards bigger text but it may be worth testing

  4. At mobile you bring the testimonials up high quickly… but you don’t have any mention of the risk-free or 100% satisfaction guaranteed language until you get to the order now cta.

I might change the first CTA from Shop Our… to Choose Your Cooling Option and have that scrolls the users down the page to the type of pad then let them go through to the store.

I have only recently gotten deep into the weeds with click-through pages. I am really a “lead gen” kinda guy. BUT I have seen the value of these pages in a marketing funnel and I’m embracing them more and more. With a few tweaks and some testing, I think you can get that conversion rate number up higher.

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes.



Thanks so much for the feedback, Nicholas!

Unfortunately we don’t have any images of the folks who left testimonials. Would you recommend just finding some random creative commons images and using those? My only issue is that marketers always end up using the same images for testimonials - but perhaps consumers aren’t as attentive as we give them credit for!

As for the video to help users decide which mattress pad is best for them - yes! Excellent idea. What are your thoughts about reducing the options down to just one mattress pad?


@Joe_Savitch Thank you for such detailed feedback!!

Love the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ idea - going to go hunt for a better hero image to test now!

And excellent idea about elevating the risk-free and 100% risk-free tout above the fold. And, roger that on the mobile text - a lot of our clients are middle aged+ who wear glasses or have visibility issues. Great call!

Awesome stuff here all around - i’ll keep you folks posted on how it goes.


Hey, great questions.

I personally am not a fan of stock testimonial images. I have used them for clients before, at their insistence, but never felt they looked authentic. You’re probably better off without. But maybe work towards a goal of collecting some customer images and permission to use them later on. Many customers would be happy to help out I would imagine.

And as for running a single-product page, yes, I would test that absolutely! It cuts the mental processing down in half, so now visitors only have to decide if they want to buy or not, rather than 1. do they want to buy, PLUS 2. which pad to get. But with everything else, just test it and see what performs better.




I find that a little humor goes a long way to making an emotional connection.

A couple of more things to consider after you have the page where you think it should be. Can you optimize the traffic? Where are your users coming from and how are those segments converting?

And lastly… how are sales with this LP in the funnel? The conversion rate on click through is one thing… and huge wins are huge wins, but… how are you impacting the bottom line?

Good luck!!!



I agree with you about testimonial sections, if I have real images I prefer to use them if not prefer to avoid them