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Hey there!

Denise here – Product Designer for the Content Builder team! Here at Unbounce, we’re constantly striving to deliver an excellent experience across all of our products.

Now that we have Inline Text Editing in labs (if you haven’t tried it out, please do and let us know what you think here) I’m able to start digging into something that we know has been a frustration. That’s our Mobile Responsive feature and I want to hear from you!

How can our Mobile Responsive feature be better? What frustrations do you encounter when using this feature? How often do these occur? What kind of functionality would you like to see in Mobile Responsive v2?

What frustrates you the most with our Mobile Responsive solution?

  • Desktop and mobile views are linked, therefore my elements shift when I build my mobile page.
  • There aren’t enough views and devices that my page can be optimized for.
  • I have to manually build my mobile page even if I’ve already carefully built my desktop page. I want you to automatically do this for me.
  • My images are not scaling and optimizing properly on mobile.
  • Other: Please leave your feedback below.

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Be as candid as you can be and as descriptive as possible! I am looking forward to hearing your honest feedback! If you’re passionate about mobile and are interested in chatting more, let me know in your reply and I can reach out to you directly! : )


Mobile Responsive FAQ's
Landscape orientation in mobile defaults to desktop view
How come my mobile version isn't really responsive? What about tablets?

Hi @Denise_Villanueva,

This is exciting to hear! I’ve been looking forward to some updates in this area for a while. I can tell you that from a client perspective, the things clients ask me most about is why Unbounce doesn’t have a specific view for tablets. It’s either mobile or desktop and nothing in between. I personally don’t think this is a huge deal, but it sure would make a few folks very happy if they could optimize specifically for tablets. :slight_smile:

Also, I know this isn’t exactly related to mobile responsive improvements, but it is a mobile request… It would be amazing if Unbounce had support for retina displays, so that we could display super crisp images on small screens and make them look great!

Best of luck with your project and looking forward to seeing the results.


I selected all of the above. But another huge problem is that there is no way to differentiate stats between mobile and desktop.



This is a great topic! My biggest issue is with fonts. I am sure the new editor is going to handle fonts better but right now when I use any custom fonts the mobile page breaks, bad. It is mostly centered around using CSS such as line-height and font-size. I mark those elements !important and the pages end up with horizontal scrolling.

For my clients staying “on brand” with the right fonts is one of the most important things. The easier it is to work with custom fonts (and having them not break mobile views) the better!



Thanks for doing this! As Nicholas mentioned, we need support for retina displays. Right now, if you add a good quality PNG to any landing page, it looks great while in the editor but when you publish it, the quality degrades significantly on both desktops (retina and high res displays) as well as smartphones. GIFs seem to work a lot better though.



I’d recommend reaching out to branko and milan.

They have hands on experience working with the mobile view and can give you
better feedback.


Thanks @Chris_Jenkins1! I’ll reach out to them. :slight_smile:


I haven’t had too many issues that i couldn’t resolve fairly easily. retina - there is a tip somewhere about using images as backrounds within a box - shouldn’t be necessary but works nicely and not too much hassle.

I can’t see how anything could be a higher priority than forms however - and they are sooo important on a landing page

anyhow - i’ll pipe down. I don’t have too much to say on the responsive functionality.


Thanks for the feedback @Alex_Scovell!

Re: Retina images, I think you’re referring to this tip from @Phillip - correct? Also, forms are also pretty high up on our radar, so stay tuned to the Community for more updates.

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It’s frustrating that HTML5 is not there to make it simpler to collect inputs in form fields.


Hey @Nicholas! Good to hear from you again!

Good to know re: the tablet breakpoint – are there any specific sizes that you think we should add? Were your clients asking for a tablet specific experience that are very different from a desktop experience?

Oooh yes, I would love that as well :heart_eyes: Since we are in the art of gathering your input, what in your mind is optimizing for retina? How can we support retina display besides being able to upload .SVGs?

Thanks so much for taking the time with leaving your feedback, we appreciate it lots!

-Denise and @Jordana (Product Owner of the Content Builder)


Hey @Barry_Buckman1!

From what I know, when we star tackling A/B testing, separation of mobile and desktop stats are top of mind! I’m tagging @Paul_Doerfling in this conversation since he’s the Product Manager for our Stats and Reporting value stream.

Thanks for leaving your feedback!

-Denise and @Jordana (Product Owner for the Content Builder)


I would like to be able to not just have mobile-responsive versions of the same content, but a mobile variant of the same page where I can promote different content to the mobile user.

Example: I am running a campaign with the goal of getting users to install games. The games I promote for desktop are different from the games I promote for mobile devices, but I can use the same keywords and same audience in my campaign and therefore don’t need to use a separate landing page by device. I just need the desktop version to display the PC content and the mobile version to display the mobile content so that the page has the best opportunity to convert, regardless of what device the user is coming from.


Hey @Joe_Savitch! Glad to hear from you again!

Oh I hear you! We are going to work on adding Google Fonts into the builder as a first step to making it easier to upload your own custom fonts. We are adding the ability to write your custom font size and line height as well before public launch of Inline Text – I’m hoping these help you in the next little bit here!

Do you think it would be beneficial to perhaps be able to preview your fonts as you’re building your page and be able to adjust them as you go? Jordana (Product Owner of the Content Builder) and I have been talking a lot about a Global Asset Manager as well, where you can upload your custom fonts and access it anywhere. Is this something that can help your workflow?

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your feedback, Joe!

-Denise and @Jordana (Product Owner of the Content Builder)


Thanks for this, definitely useful topic :slight_smile: What I hate about mobile assistant is that it flips elements within a section and it is quite time consuming to place them back in order :slight_smile: The other thing is just one mobile view; it would definitely be a huge improvement if we could set a couple of more versions for a couple of more screen sizes :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!


Hey @Andy_Beohar!

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback! I understand your pain re: retina! It’s something that we’ve been wanting to fix for a while so thank you for further validating it. We asked Nicholas the same question: what in your mind is optimizing for retina? How can we support retina display besides being able to upload .SVGs?

-Denise and @Jordana (Product Owner of the Content Builder)


Hey @Chris_Jenkins1!

Thank you so much for referring some people over! Justin has sent them a message to come check this post out and share their thoughts : )

-Denise and @Jordana (Product Owner for the Content Builder)


Hey @Alex_Scovell and @Elise_Connors ! Any feedback is good feedback so thank you for leaving it here!

I am tagging @Meagan_Sobol here as she’s the Product Manager for the Leads and Integrations value stream. Forms is definitely top of mind for both our teams and we will be discussing this project in the next quarter or two!

-Denise and @Jordana (Product Owner for the Content Builder)


Hey @danamlancaster!

That’s really good feedback and an idea that we have been playing around with is being able to link/unlink the Desktop and Mobile versions.

Would you want to start off with the same content in Mobile or would you rather start from scratch on Mobile?

Do you expect to keep the Desktop content in your Mobile view at all? If this is the case, would you also want a separate breakdown of your stats between Desktop and Mobile?

Curious to know if you ever start Mobile first as well?

-Denise and @Jordana (Product Owner for the Content Builder)