Feedback Wanted! Global Javascript Manager [Video Demo]


UPDATE: Script manager has now launched! Check out the post below for the full details

Hey everyone,
For anyone who has more than a handful of pages in their account, you know how big a pain it is to add in your Google Analytics, or change something about a specific tracking script. After a few big development cycles focused on other areas, our team is really excited to get the ball rolling on this one.

Below you’ll find a video screencast of a clickable prototype put together by one of our product designers, Cole Derochie. Our intention here is to gather feedback and validate that this solution will solve some of the core pain many of you feel when updating global tracking scripts across all of your pages.

Please share your feedback and suggestions so that we can iterate our approach and deliver the best solution possible in as short amount of time as we can. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


As the “marketing analytics guy” at Unbounce, I’m really excited about this feature. It’ll definitely help simplify analytics tracking going forward. One thing I’m curious about though, is if there will be any solution to help correct analytics tags retroactively.

Over time, we’ve implemented more sophisticated analytics and have started using new tools. This has resulted in some pages without KISSmetrics tags and some with old GA tags (we now use Universal Analytics). Think there’ll be an easy way to correct those old tags at the same time as rolling out scripts globally?

Also, any plans to include a Global CSS feature?


This looks excellent, the only additional function that would be useful that I can see is to be able to publish to a page group rather than just a subdomain,

My landing pages are grouped by product/service (or will be once I have made them all!), this would allow me to add correct conversion tracking or scripts with bespoke parameters that relate to those products/services into all the pages in the correct group.

Please consider applying these scripts at the page group level as a possible feature.

Apart from that it looks awesome and I’m really keen to get testing!


This looks good, definitely something I’d like to see added. As Stuart mentioned, I would like to be able to specify specific pages, maybe even specific variants of specific pages, not just entire domains. Also, to go along with this, I think a prompt asking which global scripts you’d like to include, if any, when making a new page would be helpful; it would help prevent users forgetting to add global scripts they meant to add but didn’t have specified in the JavaScript manager yet.


Great job guys!


Awesome, thanks guys!


Needed this badly


This is extremely exciting. I think Unbounce needs more feature like this to make it easier to scale. Beyond tracking, this can be used for more complex features that are used across multiple pages such as URL parameters reading/tracking or form submission if not managed by the default Unbounce form.

Next step: Centralized CSS? :slight_smile:


Yes, please activate this as soon as you can!


WHOO-HOOO! You guys needed this feature about a year ago, but I’m excited to finally be able to use it. When does it go live?


Yes please. This would save me a lot of time.


Huge timesaver yes please! :slight_smile:


YES!!! PLEASE!!! Cannot WAIT for this to be enabled. To echo what others have asked for, I would also like to be able to enable this at the page level. But domain is a great start.


That’s the best “How does this make you feel” status I’ve seen yet Andy :slight_smile:


Hey David,
A prompt asking which scripts you would like to include on new pages sounds like a great idea! We will look into how that might look.

Could you explain a use-case where you would have a script shared across multiple (but not all) variants of page? A specific script maybe? This feature would still allow you to add scripts to specific variants in the page builder as you can today.


Hey Stuart,
Thanks a lot for the feedback and apologies for taking a little while to get back to you.

We have actually started our first round of in-house usability testing for this feature and it appears to be a common request to have more granularity when it comes to publishing scripts (individual pages and/or page groups). It is something we are definitely going to look at further.

Just to get a better idea, what kind of scripts do you want to publish on a per page basis as opposed to domain level?


Hey Benji, thanks for the feedback! Just curious what CSS you are hoping to use across all your pages on a domain?


Hi Cole,

No problem, I wasn’t really expecting a response just wanted to add my 2 cents worth, that being said it’s always good to get a reply!

The client that’s using unbounce has a number of different products to which we have added conversion value tracking to report on ROI/CPA/Lead Source and other metrics, some variables in the scripts are unique for different products. For multiple pages selling the same product through different channels or with different pricing / variants for testing then I’d like to be able to add say… Script A to Page Group A.

I have other clients that will be migrating across very soon and the same goes for them.




Yes please. When will this be ready. I’m currently having to update all my pages individually with a retargeting js, this would be a huge timesaver.