Feedback on our latest landing page with split messaging


Hi All,

Only just venturing into the forums but have already picked up some great tips and thought we would give this a try.

Essentially we are running multiple advertising campaigns drawing in an audience who have never used Google Ads before or who have had little success with it. We’ve got no trouble in generating the traffic its just converting it we could do with a hand with. We then have a system which in 7 simple steps can you get you a campaign running and generating you some traffic.

To entice new users we have an offer on that gives you a Free Trial worth up to the value of £100 and are currently trying 2 different ways of getting that message across.

Variant 1
Pushes the offers of ‘£100 FREE Credit’ to the user

Variant 2
Pushes the offers of a ‘1 week trial’ to the user

We are already seeing limited success and have so far been unable to select a winner between these 2 styles of messaging. Both have the same number of conversions and a very similar number of impressions.

Ideally we really want some tips/ideas on what we could do to increase these conversion rates and anything you might change messaging wise.



At first glance, the biggest thing keeping conversions down is clarity. Neither version really gives users a good idea of what you do and how they will benefit form it.

“No credit card. No contract. No commitment.” is good messaging, but when it’s the first thing you see it has no context. No contract or commitment for what? I would try that messaging closer to the CTA, after you’ve sold the benefits of your offer.

“Get on Google. Rise above competitors. Reap the rewards.” is a little closer to the mark, but it’s still not entirely clear. It could be a search engine submission service, SEO offering, etc. And while rise above competitors is a nice benefit, the phrasing is too generic to capitalize. Rise above is a subjective concept and hard to picture. Make the benefits concrete.

The offers are good, but they also lose impact without the context of what the product or service is. A free trial or discount has no value if I don’t know what iI’m getting a trial or discount on. My suggestion is to use that space to help people understand the value of what they are getting and move the offers above the form.

These pages could really benefit from more information. What are the features/benefits they can expect? How does it work? What specific results can they expect?Why should they try this over an alternative?

Social proof would be good, too. Maybe include a testimonial or two.

Hope that helps. Best of luck!

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Hi Will, here’s a video with some quick feedback for you:



What script did you use to make the clock and clouds move in your footer?


Hi WeaverFund!

No scripts it just a straight forward gif that’s set as the background for that section


Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the feedback - have shared this with our team here and got some great plans to adjust our campaigns ready for the next round. All the information you gave us was very very helpful!

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Hi SeanKirby,

Thanks for the feedback - have shared this with our team here and got some great plans to adjust our campaigns ready for the next round. Totally taken on board your points about having a offer but the user not knowing the value of it. Hoping our next round of changes will set the conversion alight :slight_smile:


Glad to hear you found it helpful!