Feedback on New Landing Page

1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
At this point the landing page is ready to go live but hoped for feedback

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
Google Adwords

3: What is your conversion goal?
Phone Calls, Form Submissions and Chats

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

Hi Jake,

Here’s some feedback in a video for you:


The biggest issue I see with the page is that you have three different offers.

  1. Purchase a package get free cool sculpt sale
  2. Free consult
  3. Make an appointment

It’s confusing for the user. Pick one offer and go with that.

The CTA/form area is a big confusing as well. What is the Spring Promotion? That is the only time it’s directly mentioned. If it’s the offer at the top, make sure to identify it by name there.

The headline does a good job of stating the benefit, but it’s a bit generic. Are there specific results you can tout? Or some other hook that will add more emotion or meaning such as “–even when nothing has worked before” for example?

Before and after pics are always a good idea for this type of businesses, but I think it would be more effective if you show some that illustrate more dramatic results. If you don’t have any, then maybe including some additional info such as waist size or weight could help.

If you can improve on them, I would move them up the page because one of the first things people will want to know is “What kind of results can I get with this?”

If you’re going to use a countdown timer for urgency, you should give a reason. You want to be careful about how much time you allot. I suspect most won’t be ready to order a package right away. Procedures aren’t impulse buys. If people feel like they miss out because they aren’t given enough time, they could move on all together.

I would replace the social media links at the bottom with your CTA. Why send people away from your offer?

I hope that helps.

Best of luck!

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