Feedback on my page and why conversions are blank?


So i could use some feedback on these pages.
I am getting some material done now such as an explainer video and a few custom images but i have done a few different variations and when i send Display traffic, it was converting but at a very low rate and they were always blank.
I am going to try some different variations but i have gone through my first month and i do think i will sign up.

But I could really use some help on conversions.
I spent a lot of money on display advertising to test pages but i am also worried display might be not the best traffic.

Thanks in advance for any help. and


Hey Peter!

I’m sure the @Unbounce-Experts would have more to add than I will, but I can provide my two cents in the meantime.

These pages definitely have potential! I think a large part of why they may not be converting is design related. There are small adjustments that I’d recommend that I think would do great things for your pages.

For example, on your Convertable, there’s a line going through it that might be unintentional:

Additionally, I think the logo could afford to be sized down a bit on your pages. It’s a bit clunky and it’s throwing off the balance of a lot of page elements.

Here’s a link that could be useful to you. One of Unbounce’s Co-founders @Oli_Gardner explains in a video the effectiveness of “whitespace” in landing pages. Take a look at this and see if you’re able to apply some of these tips to your page, I think you’ll be pleased with the results:

I’m going to hand it off to the Experts now, as I’m sure they’ll have more to add.



Thanks for the feedback Jess. I really like the platform and the support from your team has been nothing short of fantastic.
Ill wait for more feedback.


Hey Peter!

Welcome! Thanks for sharing your pages :sunglasses:

My first comment will be on the traffic side of things:

Display is considered very low intent, so conversion rates will likely be lower than search. Unfortunately, you’re in a very competitive space for PPC, so CPC is likely to be in the $20+ range (woah!). Consider advertising on Facebook so you can better target by working title, industry, interests & behaviour.


This is a tricky one and not always straight forward. I would consider checking out the awesome design resources here. The 7 Principles of Conversion-Centered Design should get you started on the right track!

My biggest issue was understanding what your offering/value proposition was without reading every single line of text. The second half of your page was a little copy intensive, so you lost be there. About 90% of web users skim through content so using bold titles, bullets, short & concise copy is the way to go.

Feel free to reach out once you’ve made some adjustments - I will be happy to provide you with some additional feedback.



Thanks very much for the feedback. I am actually working on having an explainer video done now and i will incorporate that into a new landing page with clear offer choices.
So I will work on clarifying the offer and I also have some custom graphics being done to help with that. Ill send that over when its done.

But i guess my big concern is the traffic.
I feel like i have been asking this question for months now but does display traffic convert? And if so, at what rate?
At least that will give me something to strive for. So if search converts on average at 3% then display is what? 1-2%
Is there a conversion rate i should strive for? So far i have not received anything that wasnt blank.


@peter2420 That’s perhaps the biggest question of them all. Changes to your landing page will DEFINITELY help. BUT… Display alone will rarely give you a strong conversion rate. There’s no real benchmark, conversion rates will vary widely by industry.

Are you running “Contextual” display? This would insure some form of relevance for your audience.

You must also keep in mind that Display works best as PART OF a wider strategy.

You should strongly consider running re-targeting WITH your regular display campaign. It’s an essential part of your strategy since display is more of a volume game. Re-targeting will insure you get an “intent-full” click rather than a “curious” click.

Another example of dual-strategies is to combine geo-targeted display with outbound sales (offline).

Lastly, you can try to run a larger funnel strategy as part of your display. Instead going for the big conversion on the first landing page (customer contact info), ask simply for an email, and give something of value in exchange. This email can now feed into your email marketing as well as custom list audiences on Facebook and many other social platforms.


It’s funny the landing pages came about to highlight my Business Development offering for startups and software companies.
I was just worried that i should see conversions from display alone. I am seeing conversions mind you but they are blank so not sure if that is still positive.

But you are right, these need to be part of larger strategy and it works really well when you do it all together.
Personally i would prefer to have someone build the pages for my clients as an add on and not worry about it myself. I am a sales person and not a design person.
The only problem was finding someone to do it.
I might try having someone here build a page for me to see if it works better.


Let myself or @Stefano know if you’d like to get some info about that! We work with businesses like yours through the Unbounce Community all the time :sunglasses:


That is great. I actually have a few clients interested but I am just trying to set the expectations.
I know my offering has been getting good traction so i think i should be able to get at least one lead or two in the next few weeks.
But I will be in touch after i make those adjustments to my pages.
Ill see if they help and if not maybe someone else can have a crack at one.



All the responses so far have been super helpful. Big props to @Jonathan + @Stefano from the Webistry team! :raised_hands: Top notch advice as per usual.

Be sure to keep us in the loop with how things turn out @peter2420!


Will do. Just having some custom material finished up now and will update with some new pages this week.

But so far my takeaway has been that its a lot of trial and error and there are a lot of factors that will determine conversions.

My big issue i have with all of this advice is it all boils it down to quality of leads at the end of the day.
So whomever can build the pages will always fall back to, well, you need to really control the leads as a fall back.

Thats why i feel all of this is just an add on to other marketing activities that will drive the actual deals.

For my services i really focus on results so thats why selling landing pages on their own is not a solid strategy for growth for me. If you dont combine it with other activities, you could invest a lot of time and money for little gain.
Thats my takeaway so far but i am hoping that opinion will change as i see more results.

Thanks again.


Hey Peter,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Landing Page Optimization (LPO). As @Stefano and @Jonathan pointed out, your low conversion rates may have a lot to do with the low quality/low intent nature of display ad traffic. It seems like there are a couple issues at play here:

  1. Low quality leads or blank forms - you said the lead forms that are submitted are blank? That could mean your landing page is broken or you aren’t requiring any fields to be completed or validated before a user can submit the form. For example, this form doesn’t require any fields to be completed so you could be getting junk or bot traffic to the page that submits the form:

  1. I agree with @Stefano about your value proposition & differentiators getting lost in the vast amounts of content. Your primary page (the “www” page) has 3 different Calls To Action (CTAs) that could be confusing the visitors. Which one is most important? Focus your entire page on just one CTA instead of dividing people’s limited attention spans between three.

  2. Add some happy customers! Too much stock photography makes your service seem unproven or risky. Do you have existing clients that would give you a testimonial? Are there any case studies or results from actual clients that can prove your services are worth paying for? Use real-life images and examples to help your visitors feel more comfortable with talking to you.

  3. Try other traffic sources. Display is just one channel for reaching prospects. Have you tried search ads, LinkedIn Ads, or YouTube ads? If display is not working, don’t be afraid to experiment elsewhere.

Good luck!


Thank you very much for your detailed reply.
I had a good conversation with Johnathon about my pages today and I am working on some new variants now.
Ill look at getting something to get the lead form cleaned up.
Maybe a Capthca?

I am actually using other channels now and they are doing well. I am just trying to get my online efforts and specifically landing pages working better.
In the process of getting sign off for a few testimonials now/
I appreciate the reply and suggestions.

Ill post followups for sure.


launching this page Monday and tried some of the things that were suggested. Any feedback is appreciated.


I really liked it!

Good Luck Peter!


Thank you very much. If you have any suggestions or if you feel anything isnt clear that i can improve upon, please let me know.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: