Feedback on MEGAPACK Template


Hello Everyone!

We are PixFort team, an elite author on Themeforest, we are happy to announce the release of our newest Unbounce Templates Pack “MEGAPACK” on Themeforest, currently MEGAPACK contains 24 fully responsive landing pages variations, and we are looking to add more landing pages in the next updates.

You can check MEGAPACK from here:

Also we will be happy if you send us your landing pages suggestions from here:

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PixFort Team


Wow, this is a very impressive collection! Curious, what is your design process like? How many designers worked on this pack, etc?


I agree with @Nicholas SUPER impressive. I have for a while wanted to this too, just never have time with all our client work :slight_smile: It would be cool to see some testimonials from real users as to how different LPs worked out for them. Even a great case study. I only say this 'cause because the template business is tough, I did it for years with WordPress, and trust is HUGE! Looking good and working good are 2 different things.

Anyways, love the work! #inspired


Thanks @Nicholas

While creating MEGAPACK, we were depending a lot on clients feedback from our previous Unbounce pack FLATPACK to accelerate the design process. We started with choosing landing pages variations and creating prototypes, then we transfered the design directly into Unbounce, that took from us about 2 months to complete MEGAPACK :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: @digibomb