Feedback on landing page to increase conversion


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible

We have been receiving a lot of traffic to our landing page but the majority do not convert into leads (i.e. complete sign up form).

Any feedback or help would be much appreciated on how we can improve the landing page to increase conversion.

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?

Google Ads

3: What is your conversion goal?
sign up form

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:

Thank you!


I think it’s important to think about the steps people go through to reach the landing page.

As you’re using Google Ads, this traffic is generally “cold”. Is your landing page something people expect to see when they click your ad? If you’re advertising for cats but your landing page is about dogs, people will bounce.

To me it’s not clear what your service will cost me. Will you charge me when I fill in the form? Will you charge me when I call? Is this a free service? I would suggest adding at least some information about pricing.

Currently the landing page doesn’t communicate why I should trust you. You can fix this by either elaborating a bit about who’s landing page I’m looking at and why they should be trusted, or better, by sharing some helpful information that is hard to find elsewhere. If you’re running ads on “australian visa refused”, what is the first thing people should do when that happens? Give that information away for free on your landing page to establish trust.

Good luck!


Sanderfish does make some great points, but the one that stands out is the trust factor. People generally want to get the sense that your service is legitimate, so perhaps a free resource can be developed that you can add to this page. The resource itself could be a quick 30-second snackable video of someone talking through the value you can provide or a short blog article that goes into the details of overcoming Visa refusal, or a simple infographic of the steps people can take to avoid Visa refusal. Overall, adding a piece of content that shows your expertise by helping to educate visitors can go a long way.

Having over 20 years of experience, I imagine it wouldn’t be hard providing social proof of how you’ve helped others in the past, so put it out there for people to see.

Good luck!