Feedback on:


1: What challenge are you currently trying to solve? Give as much detail as possible
I’m interested in feedback on the pages, the sales funnel, and additional elements that can optimize this process.

I’m launching an online training/coaching program for creating/executing business strategies aimed at corporate executives (CEOs, CXOs, VPs, and Directors) Since this is a high-ticket sale item, I want to inform target customers before attempting to convert them.

The purpose of the landing page is to get visitors to signup for a free training, watch a 20-30 min. training in the next page (current training video is place holder), and then close the sale.

I’m new to Unbounce so I’m very open to feedback and even to hiring expertise from the community to help me complete this funnel (email, e-commerce and calendar integrations, seo optimization, etc).

2: How are you driving traffic to your page?
I’m planning to drive traffic from LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Ads.

3: What is your conversion goal?
Landing page: signup for training, lead generation
Secondary page: sale, assisted by 1-on-1 appointment if needed
I’m not sure what conversion rates I can expect

4: Provide a link to your published landing page / convertable:


Hi Juan, happy to give some feedback, but the link you shared does not seem to be working.


Hi Nicholas,

Since posting this I had to change the URL to:

You can take a look and tell me what you think. I’m very open to feedback and can use some expert help!

Thank you!

Juan Riboldi


Hi Juan,

A quick few notes before I have to run into a meeting, in no particular order:

  • You’re using tons of different fonts, font sizes, font styles etc. so I have absolutely no idea which parts of your page is important and which is just information I can skip.
    The result is, that I simply skip everything because I’m “too lazy” to read everything when I’ve just browsed 2 other websites in the same niche.
    Would choose 1-2 fonts, cut out all the fluff I could from the text and use bold and size to direct the user towards the important sections.

  • The header picture is a stock photo I’ve seen on a lot of other sites and it instantly makes me question if I’m on an outdated page. Get a picture of you teaching in a setting or another stock-photo which doesn’t look like one.

  • You use 3 different style of icons so there’s no red line between the sections and I just assume that it’s different content. Choose one style, or some that are in the same “family” so I don’t have to find out what each means.

  • Some parts are left-aligned, some centered and some right-aligned. My eyes are all over the page and it’s “tough” to read. Would stick with 1, maybe 2 if I had to.

  • There are so many quotes that I don’t want to spend time reading them. Would suggest using half or fewer and highlighting parts that are relevant.

  • Your customer logos are amazing, would stick them above the fold and try and test a variant with fewer.

  • Would test removing the menu.

  • The 100% free tag scares me. “Nothing is free. This must be a scam.” Would either remove it or test running a variation without the 100%.

Overall: This site has a lot of good content, a lot of good points and great trust building elements. However, it’s very chaotic and not something I feel safe giving my information to.

If I were in your position, I would chop out as much as I could and then ask a designer to create a mockup of the page using some of the elements you’ve put in. A fresh take on it would be nice, even if it feels tough with all the time and energy currently put into it.

In relation to that, this section was just created:

Andreas Obel


Hi Jaun,

Here’s a video I made for you with some feedback on your page:



Hi Nicholas,

Thank you very much for this excellent feedback on the page. Really terrific advise. Thanks!



Hi Andreas,

Thanks for this excellent advise. Your feedback is very useful and on point. I will check the Job Board for some help . Thank you!