Feedback on 1st Video Landing Page Please


Hi guys,

Been trying Unbounce, and now I even made a video and went for a video landing page which you can see here:

Unfortunately, my conversion rate is very very low - basically on my homepage (same traffic source) I convert at about 27% (ppl entering their website to try translating it) but on this landing page only about 5% convert.

Any tips please? I heard videos are great for SaaS but no luck for me…


Hello Laurent,

Everything that Simao told you is spot on :slight_smile:

At Nexus Conversions we make animated explainer videos with a focus on conversion rate optimization so I’ll humbly share my perspective looking at Bablic.


-If you are receiving 27% conversion rate on your home page (well done!) then there is no need to completely reinvent the wheel on your landing page.  Study your conversion paths.  Might it be that on your home page users are curious to see what your tool can do and then amazed that it actually translates in real time?  Surprised me and I can see users taking action right then.  I’d encourage you to analyze if even though your home page got more “conversions” which page is bringing in more paying customers?  Your demo overcame my objection of doubt, but still leaves the question of quality as most users will not be bilingual to verify the fluency.

-Nice touch with the error message :slight_smile:


-I think animated explainer videos CAN work for you, but I would encourage you to look into implementing a screen cast in your next animation.  This enables you to have a compelling story line that your target audience can relate to and still see the magic of your SAAS.  Hypothesis being that you have removed a friction point of typing in my personal website to see if your SAAS actually is right for me and instead just shown me an example with no effort/risk through the video.  Now I might be more engaged and ready to think about pricing or signing up for freemium right after watching the video and not need a demo. That is said not to belittle the work done on your current video/landing page and I think if you tweak the landing page it could convert well.

-I have zero idea what research and strategic planning went into the video so I won’t comment any further. 

Happy to go into more detail via email Ð

Best of luck,



Hi Laurent,

First of all, what a great product! Second, good design on the landing page, it’s simple and straight to the point.

Here are my remarks:

You have a leak on your lead funnel, that’s what happen when you have a link that actually doesn’t help the final conversion. In this case, your leak is the Translate Your Website preview.

If you have a freemium always advertise the freemium first. Let people fall in love with the concept and then up-sell them the product.

My recommendations:

Use Wistia to know what’s not working with your video, (with Wistia you’ll see if people are seeing your video and what are they skipping)

Stop/reverse the leak, if 25% of people are clicking on the translate your website make this your top conversion mechanism. Make sure that people need to place their name and email before they can see their website translated, then use email marketing to sell and up-selll the product.

Use the power of freemium make it easy for people to subscribe to your free service and advertise it, after that it’s easier for you to upsell your service.

Hope this helps, if you need some tips on how to build better converting video this is a great article